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Mango trees

•First crop within 2-3 years and highest yielding from next 4 years.

•Yields big size fruits with excellent taste and attractive colour.these fruts command high price in market.

•Regular bearers , which offer excellent yields every year, without fail.

•These fruits have longer storage life. so farmers can transport to long distance markets where prices are generally high.

•These trees grow up to 10 to 15 feet tall, with a crown radius of 7feet.

•The ripe fruit varies in size and color. Cultivars are variously yellow, orange, red or green, and carry a single flat, oblong pit that can be fibrous.

•They can be stored  for  15 to 20 days and the wt of the fruit ranges from 600 to 750 gms.

•Raspuri Mangoes have an excellent flavor and is juicy in texture. They are rich in carotenes which is a pre cursor of vitamin A.

•Alphanso Mangoes  is known as the King of Mangoes'. It has a unique aromatic flavor thus adding value to all the by products. It is rich in carotene which is a pre cursor for Vitamin A.

• These type of varieties can withstand any type of climate and can be grown in all types of soils.

•These type of varieties are produced from superior mother plants under scientific method of development.

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About Red Sandal Wood
About Red Sandal Wood Red Sanders or Red Sandalwood is a species of Pterocarpus native to India. It is a hight-demanding small tree growing to 9m tall with a trunk 150 –175 cm diameter. It is fast-growing when young, reaching 6m tall in three years even on degraded soils. It is not frost tolerant. The leaves are alternate, 3–9 cm long, trifoliate with three leaflets. The flowers are produced in short racemes. The fruit is a pod 6–9 cm long containing one or two seeds. The wood has been historically valued in China who introduced classical
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